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Terms of Business

This document is effective from 1st June 2020. Please read it carefully. It sets out the terms upon which we agree to act for our customers and contains details of our regulatory and statutory responsibilities. It also sets out some of your responsibilities.


Please contact us immediately if there is anything in these Terms of Business or Terms and Conditions which you do not understand or with which you disagree.


About our Company

Iceni International Limited is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (registration number 418441) as an Appointed Representative of Bespoke International Limited who are registered in England under Company Registration Number 04520834 and whose registered office is at the Hygeia Building Rear, Ground Floor, 66-68 College Road, Harrow Middlesex, HA1 1BE.


Bespoke International Limited are authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 314872.


The Advantage Dental insurance is underwritten by Healix Insurance Services Limited on behalf of AmTrust Europe Limited. AmTrust Europe Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 202189.


You can visit the Financial Conduct Authority Website, which includes a register of all regulated firms at or by contacting them on 0800 111 6768.


Our Products and Services

Iceni International Limited do not make a personal recommendation as to whether the plan offered is suitable for you. This is your responsibility, after reading the pre-sale information provided.



You must take reasonable care to answer all questions put to you about your proposed insurance fully, honestly and to the best of your knowledge. If you do not understand the meaning of any question, or if you do not know the answer, it is vital that you tell us. Once cover has been arranged, you must immediately notify us or your insurer of any changes to the information that has been previously provided. The most serious consequence of failing to provide full and accurate information before you take out insurance, or when your circumstances change, could be the invalidation of your cover. In that instance it would mean that a claim will be rejected.


If a policy is purchased, or a form or declaration is completed on your behalf, it is your responsibility to check that the answers given to all questions are true and complete.


All information provided by our customers is treated as confidential and only disclosed in the normal course of negotiating, arranging and administering your insurance. This may include disclosing information to agents and service providers. We will not release information to any other party without your consent with a few exceptions, for example information requested by a court, a regulatory body, or information which is already in the public domain. We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and undertake to comply with the Act in all our dealings with personal data.



Our aim is to produce documentation and correspondence in a clear and understandable format. In the event of any uncertainty we would ask you to let us know immediately. Our staff are always happy to clarify the cover provided.


You should check all policy documentation to ensure that the details are correct and the cover provided meets with your requirements. Any errors should be notified to us immediately.


Making a Claim

In the event of a claim, you should call our Customer Services line on 0800 633 5037. You will need to complete a claim form or produce documentation to support your claim. All claims will be processed by Denis UK Limited on behalf of AmTrust Europe Limited.


Complaints Procedure

We aim to provide you with the highest levels of customer service and care at all times. However, if something has gone wrong we want to do everything we can to put it right as quickly and effectively as possible. This is why we have put in place a simple procedure for you to raise any concerns or complaint You may have.


If you wish to make a complaint, in the first instance please contact:


Complaints Department,

Denis UK Ltd, PO Box 6833,

Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 4PR

Telephone: 0800 633 5037 or +44 (0) 203 6996 581 from outside the UK.



We will contact you within three days of receiving your complaint to inform you of what action we are taking. We will try to resolve the problem and give you an answer within four weeks. If it will take us longer than four weeks we will tell you when you can expect an answer.


Alternatively, at any stage, you may have the right to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service who can review complaints from ‘eligible complainants’ which includes private individuals, sole traders, small partnerships as well as small businesses with a yearly turnover of less than £6.5 million. Further information can be found at:


Financial Ombudsman Service,

Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange Square, London, E14 9SR


Tel: 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123


The role of the Ombudsman is to review complaints impartially and to make a fair and reasonable decision based on the facts of each case. This complaints procedure does not affect any legal right you have to take action against us.


We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).


If we fail to carry out our responsibilities under this policy, you may be entitled to compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Information about the scheme is available at or by phone on 0800 678 1100 or +44 (0) 20 7741 4100 from outside the United Kingdom.

Statement of Demands & Needs

We have not provided you with a personal recommendation or advice as to whether this policy is suitable for your specific needs. This product meets the demands and needs of an individual who seeks protection against the costs of Accident and Emergency Treatment and routine dental Treatment.

Cancellation Right

You have a right to cancel your policy up to 14 days from the later of the policy start date or the date you receive full policy documentation from us, or the renewal date or the date you receive full renewal documentation from us.


Should you wish to exercise the Cancellation Right, no charge will be made unless a claim occurs during the cancellation period.


To exercise the Cancellation Right you should contact our Customer Services line on 0800 633 5037.


If the Cancellation Right is not exercised within the 14-day period as stated above, and you decide to cancel the policy at a later date and you have not made a claim, you will be entitled to a pro-rata refund provided you give us at least 7 days' notice by notifying us in writing or contacting the Customer Care Manager.


Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Business shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law. In relation to any legal action or proceedings arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Business we both irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


You are deemed to have accepted these terms of business and give your consent for us to operate in the ways described, unless you advise us otherwise within 7 days of receipt.

Revision date: 1 January 2022

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